Courses for Your Organization

Do you need training or courses for your organization? Let us take care of the work while you reap the benefits! Objective Academy can host your courses and help you develop continuing education for your staff. With over 15 years of Learning Management Systems development experience, Objective Academy can take the guesswork out of developing courses for your organization.

Do you need to train new employees? Do you have continuing education requirements for safety training, procedural methods, or other training needs? We can help!

How It Works

When Objective Academy develops courses for your organization, first we will schedule an appointment to discuss your educational needs. Next we will create a custom quote for you based on your specifications.

Finally we will develop a course for you using text, video, audio, or any other media you request. Our video and audio editing departments will make sure your course is professional and well-designed.

Once your course is hosted online with us, your staff will just need to create an account to have access to your course materials. We offer hosting packages based either on monthly rates or standard usage fees, depending on your needs.

Let Us Design Courses for Your Organization

To see what we can do for you, complete the contact form below and we’ll create a custom quote for you. You’re under no obligation to use our services. The FREE quote is your place to start!